Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trickles of Kolakuzhal notes

Issue 15- First Take (1)

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  1. Jyothi, I enjoyed reading your article about Shwetha. I really love Shwetha's melodious voice. My favourite is 'Yamuna Veruthe' from Ore Kadal. Another song is 'Eeran Nilave', a duet sung with Veetrag in the movie Dr. Patient. Another one is a sweet, sweet solo Aromal Kannane ambadi kannane which is from the album Kandu njan Kannane. I can continue to name many of her songs, but I won't attempt it. Besides being a great singer, she is a very friendly and down to earth girl. May God bless Shwetha with a great professional career and an equally wonderful married life with Ashwin.

    I am hoping to have her sing my favourite 'Yamuna Veruthe' just for me one of these days. Hope it happens!