Thursday, June 14, 2012

From Stage to Celluloid

First Take Issue 41

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  1. Hi Jyothi,
    Was led from from a link featured on the MSI Homepage and found quite too my surprise, a photograph taken by me for use on my personal tribute blog on KPAC being used as a part of the article that seems to have been published last week of March 2012 by Madhyamam.You can find the original here.
    Inasmuch as I donot mind it being used, don't you think its web courtesy to atleast forward a note of intent or for that matter a formal request that you would be using it in your publication. Surely, being in the online media domain for the past so many years, I donot need to tell you the difference lil courtesies make online and offline.Just plain surprised and left with a bitter aftertaste. Thanks.